The gastronomy of Sifnos

In addition to its unparalleled beauty, Sifnos it is also proud of its tradition in gastronomy. The gastronomy of Sifnos, of birthplace of the famous chef of the early 20th centuryth century, Nikolaou Tselemente hides special flavors that you must definitely try!


Η ρεβυθάδα

Revithada is one of the two most popular traditional dishes of Sifnos (the second is the mastelo). People bake it in a clay pot, the "skepastaria", for many hours, preferably in an oven with sticks. This way of cooking gives the food a slightly smoky taste. It was traditionally cooked in Sifnos from Saturday night to set the Sunday lunch table, after visiting the church. Chickpeas are roasted after many hours of cooking, while the dish is musked with laurel and oregano!


Το μαστέλο

Mastelo is a traditional Easter dish with meat (lamb or goat). It got its name from the homonymous clay utensil ("mastelo") in which it is baked in the wood oven. This utensil is essentially a conical utensil without a lid, which has a narrow bottom and a wide opening and looks like a flowerpot. The meat is marinated overnight in wine and then simmered in a wood oven for about 5-6 hours. The smell but also the taste is simply shocking!


Οι ρεβιθοκεφτέδες

The chickpea-balls of Sifnos smell amazing! Often in the past, housewives made them with the chickpeas left over from the chickpeas in the previous days. In general, however, in the Cyclades we find meatballs made from non-meat ingredients like various types of legumes and herbs (eg fennel-balls, tomato-balls, etc.), since people did not use to eat meat in their daily lives, except on holidays. The fluffy chickpea-balls, then, is a very popular "meze" that you will find in local taverns and you should try it!


Η λωλή

The famous and delicious at the same time pumpkin pie of Sifnos is called Loli! This particular name seems to result from the fact that every housewife makes this pie "lola" (means in a crazy way), in whatever way she wants each time, with whatever material she has at her disposal! Zucchini, flour and sesame, raisins, honey and orange are never missing from loli!


Άψητα αμυγδαλωτά

Continuing with sweet dishes, the non-baked marzipan balls are especially popular and beloved from the locals! They are made with fasting materials and accompany many traditional celebrations and festivals of the island and its daily life!


Η μελόπιτα

Honey pie is another Sifnos Easter dish. This is a pie without a sheet, with honey and cheeze ("mizithra") which you can try in a cafe accompanying your morning coffee! We could say that the honey pie is the .. cheesecake of Sifnos!

These were the most famous traditional dishes that belong to the gastronomy of Sifnos! There are of course even more! Sifnos is a culinary destination full of flavors and aromas ready to be discovered!

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