The 5 most ... photogenic points of Serifos!

Because vacation means lots and lots of photos, we have gathered for you the five most... photogenic spots of the charming Serifos, to take the best photos of your vacation!


Windmills are a trademark of the Cyclades. In Ano Chora of Serifos you will find three windmills, excellently maintained. The island used to have twenty. Their importance for the daily life of the island, especially in the past was huge. However, their choice is also ideal as an authentic Cycladic background to be photographed alone or with your friends!


The churches of the island are a lot, more than a hundred! They carry the weight of a heavy religious heritage and stand out for their architecture. Massive temples or smaller picturesque chapels, all-white cubic buildings with deep blue domes. As for the landscape that surrounds them, words are superfluous. Either they are hidden in the picturesque neighborhoods, or they dominate imposingly on hills overlooking the Aegean, composing a dreamy landscape!


Ανθισμένη, πλακόστρωτη, αστραφτερά λευκή και πραγματικά πανέμορφη! Τα κλασικά κυκλαδίτικα σοκάκια ήταν πάντοτε γοητευτικά. Η χώρα της Σερίφου όμως, είναι απλά ονειρική.  Πεζοδρομημένα στενάκια κάτω από ολάνθιστα μπαλκόνια δημιουργούν έντονες αντιθέσεις σε έναν νησιωτικό καμβά. Γραφικά καφέ και μπαράκια, μεσαιωνικές κατοικίες και γωνιές γεμάτες ρομαντισμό. Όλα συνθέτουν το απόλυτο τοπίο ενός αυθεντικού ελληνικού καλοκαιριού έτοιμο να αποτυπωθεί στο φακό σου!


Chora's Square is just a jewel. The traditional cafes like Pano Piazza and Barbarossa have filled the square with colorful table seats and have created a completely welcoming and atmospheric landscape! We do not need to tell you that here ... the ultimate story of your brunch will "come out"! 


The island satisfies even the most demanding visitors looking for adventure, as it has many trails that invite you to explore! Easily accessible or a bit more challenging, they will lead you to places with panoramic views, to peaceful desert locations or to hidden coves. These trails are full of natural beauties that you will definitely want to capture!

These were the most photogenic spots of Serifos that will be the most suitable photographic canvas of your summer memories!

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