Milos: From where it got its name

In ancient texts, Milos is referred to by various names, Biblis, Mimallis, Akitos and Zephyria . The only one of these names that survives to this day is Zephyria, which is the old capital of the island.

Many claim that the name of Milos comes from the pre-Greek word "vilos" which meant sheep and later evolved into .. Milos.

But let us not forget the mythology, which mixes Delos, Milos, Milia and the Apples, but also Mili, with a little aroma from the cult of Aphrodite.

So there was once a young man from Delos who was called Milos. Milos moved to Cyprus to the court of King Kinyras who was Adonis' father. There, the two young people of the same age, Milos and Adonis, became connected with a deep and true friendship and even became relatives as Milos married Pelia, a relative of Adonis.

Legend has it that Aphrodite fell in love and had an (illegal) relationship with Adonis and when Mars discovered it, he took action. Kill the beautiful demigod while hunting a giant boar. The first red roses grew from the blood of the beautiful Adonis, while the anemones from the tears of the inconsolable Aphrodite.

Milos was just as inconsolable for the loss of his close friend, who, not enduring the pain from the loss of Adonis, decided to end his life. It was hung on a tree that took its name and was named Milia.

His wife, Pelia, shocked by the loss of her husband and Adonis, was also hanged. The goddess Aphrodite, rewarding in some way this so bonded couple and their strong feelings for her beloved Adonis, transformed Milos into the fruit of Milia and Pelia into a dove.

The only son of the couple who had also named him Milos, the goddess sent him to the sacred island of Delos where his father came from.

This second Milos, you consider from mythology the first Greek resident of Milos who gave it its name.

According to Greek mythology, he was very wise and is credited with the discovery of the sheep shearing that you often refer to as Apple .

Milos also taught people how to make woolen clothes.

Favored by the goddess Aphrodite himself, he does not want to ask how Milos transferred the cult of his beloved goddess to the island.

Αφροδίτη της Μήλου στο Λούβρο

The famous statue of the goddess Aphrodite from the Hellenistic era was discovered in 1820 and made Milos famous and the Louvre museum.

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