The secrets of Antiparos

The Parians with the Antipariotes in the old days, had a secret code of communication . If someone from Paros wanted to cross to Antiparos, he would open wide the blue door of the small church located on the shore of Paros.

Thus, they gave the signal to the Antipariotes boatmen, the peramatarides as they were called, to pick up the visitors.

The first hotel in Antiparos was built in 1960 and was named " Mandalena " from the film of the same name with Vougiouklaki shot there.

The movie "Mandalena" and the song "Thalassa Platia", by Hadjidaki who marked the movie are responsible that for years, maybe even today, many think that Antiparos does not have its own identity, but is just the small island opposite the Paros.

The real "Mandalena" of Antiparos had nothing to do with the movie heroine, played by Aliki Vougiouklaki. She was a tough woman who sniffed tobacco, and raised her children and siblings working on her husband's boat like a real captainess.

Today, the people of Antiparos are open-hearted, noble, hospitable and provide a high level of service to their visitors, as Antiparos has evolved from a quiet fishing spot to a hippie destination and from a favorite island of sought-after culturists to a trendy destination.

On the paved road of the country that connects the beach with the castle, the perazada that the locals say, you will find whatever you want.

The castle was built during the Venetian occupation, when Antiparos was often attacked by pirates. It is a fortified settlement that resembles other island castles in the Cyclades, but also with several peculiarities. One of its peculiarities is that it is not located in a high and dominant point. The entrance of the castle is next to the Diocese of Agios Nikolaos.

Another well-hidden secret of Antiparos is also known as "Episkopi", the small uninhabited islet which reserved fascinating discoveries for the archeological dig. It is definitely one of the excursions that one should definitely do if you are in Antiparos.

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