26th Crossing of the Aegean Sea

Φούρνοι, Θύμαινα, Πάτμος, Λειψοί, Αρκιοί, Αγαθονήσι, Δονούσα, Σχοινούσα, Ηρακλειά,  Αμοργός, Ίος, Σίκινος, Κουφονήσι

For 26 years, the Aegean Group - regardless of the unprecedented conditions created by the pandemic - has been close to the inhabitants of small and remote areas, recognizing their difficulties in accessing larger islands or urban centers.

The 26th Diaplos was successfully completed with the active participation of the National Organization of Public Health (EODY) and the Hellenic Pulmonary Society (EPE). The main purpose of the Mission was to test for COVID-19.

In just 5 days the Aegean Group inflatable boats traveled more than 450 nautical miles to offer services to our 13 islands.

The joint mission, which consisted of medical staff of EODY, doctors of EPE, volunteer doctors and members of the Aegean Group, visited the islands of Fourni, Thymaina, Patmos, Lipsi, Arkios, Agathonisi, Donoussa, Schinoussa, Schinoussa, , Sikino and Koufonisi.

Tests for Covid-19 were performed by EODY, as well as preventive medical examinations by 14 specialties and microbiological examinations by the Aegean Team and Ltd. In addition, the Aegean Group provided sanitary material and equipment to the islands.

For the safety of residents, the value of compliance with protection measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 after the end of the tourist season, in order to maintain a positive health footprint in these areas.

The Aegean Team warmly thanks EODY for its participation and support of this Mission, emphasizing the high sense of responsibility and excellent offer of services by the medical staff, who participated in the Mission, to the residents of the islands.

We thank the ΕΠΕ for our cooperation in joint actions and the participation of its doctors in 26ο Διάπλου.

Η Αποστολή αυτή δεν θα μπορούσε να διεξαχθεί χωρίς τους υποστηρικτές μας. Ευχαριστούμε τους μεγάλους υποστηρικτές Chipita SA και  Pfizer Ελλάς ΑΕ που βρίσκονται κοντά την Ομάδα Αιγαίου κάθε χρόνο. Ευχαριστούμε και τις εταιρείες που στήριξαν το φετινό διάπλου:  Unilever, Demo ABEE, Mellon Technologies SA, Penco AE, Ε.Π. ΑΕ, Βιοϊατρική ΑΕ, Ιδιωτικό Πολυιατρείο & Διαγνωστικό Εργαστήριο Υγεία Αμπελοκήπων Ιατρική ΑΕ, Παπουτσάνης ΑΕ, CSMED AE, Τσιμή ΑΕ, Ιωακειμίδου ΑΕ, Divitec SΑ, ROMINA NN Energy BG, Rethink Business Lab IKE.

We want to thank from the bottom of our hearts every resident, the municipal and health authorities of the islands, for their hospitality and cooperation and to assure them that we all belong to the Great Aegean Family and we will always be close to them to upgrade their daily living conditions.“.

The Aegean Team

The Aegean Group was established in 1995 by a group of people aware of the problems faced by the inhabitants of the remote and small islands of the Aegean Sea. The aim of the Aegean Group is to alleviate, support, strengthen and upgrade the living conditions of the inhabitants of the remote and small islands. The Aegean Team, uninterruptedly, for 26 years is close to the inhabitants of the small and remote islands offering health services with medical examinations, with many infrastructure projects, sports facilities, school equipment as well as with cultural and educational activities.