After Sifnos, Antiparos also participates in the #gopafree project

Apart from the Municipality of Sifnos, the Municipality of Antiparos also participates in the pioneering and innovative cigarette recycling program implemented by AMKE Cigaret Cycle throughout the country.

#gopafree includes the installation of special recycling bins for cigarette butts , their collection in them and then their transport abroad and their processing for the conversion of environmentally harmful materials and substances into fertilizer and new recycled product by Cigaret Cycle, the only Greek, urban non-profit company that implements A comprehensive program for the collection, management and recycling of cigarette butts in Greece, with the aim of reducing the number of those that end up in the environment and preventing additional pollution that occurs in it.

The Municipality of Sifnos and the Municipal Public Benefit Enterprise of Sifnos (DI.K.ES.) procured the first special bins, which were placed in 8 central busy areas of the island and beaches, with the aim of disposing of cigarette butts in them, thus starting a recycling network, which will gradually be strengthened and expanded to other settlements on the island. At the same time, the cooperation for the implementation of information and awareness actions of residents and visitors has begun.

The Mayor of Sifnos Maria Nadali stated:
"Sifnos, one of the most beautiful and most organized islands of our country, becomes # gopafree and will continue to implement programs aimed at protecting the environment and improving the living conditions of residents and visitors. The participation of everyone in this new venture will help in the further development of the "green" character of the island that all these years has managed to consolidate and promote to its visitors ".

The Municipality of Antiparos placed in the central parts of the island and on beaches, the special bins of AMKE Cigaret Cycle that implements the innovative recycling program with the collection of cigarette butts and their conversion after special processing into new environmentally friendly materials.

The Recycling Committee and the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Antiparos actively contribute to the implementation of the project. The aim is to clean beaches, to protect the coasts and to implement good practices of sustainable development management by the Municipal Authority at a collective level and by each resident and visitor individually.

The Mayor of Antiparos stated: The recycling especially, but also all the actions that are part of the circular economy with the huge economic and environmental benefits is the future which the Municipality enters dynamically.

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