“Express Skopelitis”: The ship that gives life to the Small Cyclades

At the 22nd Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, the International Competition section “Newcomers” had the aroma of the Small Cyclades and the salt of the Aegean with the documentary “Express Scopelitis” directed by Emilia Milou while the music was written by Alkinoos Ioannidis.


Skopelitis is a special ship. He has a face and character. A living personality. Traveling with him, we enter the marine life of the Small Cyclades. We see how the sailors on the boat and the inhabitants on the islands of the barren line live. The sea gives space to the field, the dance of the waves leads to the ecstasy of the festival, a love song brings the storm. The music is a synthesis of the sounds of the ship itself and the nature of this unique archipelago.

The incredible journeys Inside the storm, the legendary Captain Mitsos who was also a skilled violinist, the improvised feasts on the deck. The stories of “Express Skopelitis” compose the mosaic of an entire life that is passed down from generation to generation.

Aimilia MIlou, the director of the documentary

What distinguishes “Skopelitis” from most ships is that it has a relationship of intimacy with the inhabitants of the Small Cyclades. It is not an impersonal business. He fears that in a few years there will be no such means of transport. That’s why I loved the boat. I made this movie With a lot of love. For the inhabitants of the barren script it is very important that they have daily access to Naxos all year round. “They visit the hospital, the bank, the tax office and return home in the afternoon,” says documentary filmmaker Ailia Milos. Through the shootings, substantial relationships with people were built.

“When I returned to Athens, I saw them sleeping in Ios. It was very important that I go for a spin in the winter. Then you can only see life in the countryside clearly. In summer the islands wear their goodies. I was impressed by the island life. Not that it is idyllic. Everything else, there are great difficulties. “I met people with a passion for life, a deep connection with nature, vivid instincts, rewarded emotions and an open heart.”

Giannis Fostieris, the captain of “Express Skopelitis”

Giannis Fostieris has been the captain of “Express Skopelitis” for the last 20 years. From his words it seems that he always has in his mind the offer and the solidarity. “In winter, for six days a week, we connect all the Small Islands to Naxos. We have had to transport families, the elderly, the sick, whatever we’s need each time. Over the years, relationships of trust and friendship have developed. The crew tries to meet all the needs of the place. The point is not just to go out on a limb. The most important thing is to do something because you feel it as a need and you want to offer. Do not be impersonal. “Skopelitis” is not another steamer that passes. The bond is different. “

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