Do you know what Paros “gouna” is?

The peculiarity of the nature of the Cyclades played a decisive role in the eating habits of its inhabitants.

The inhabitants of Paros in the past, like almost all the Cycladic people, had learned to be happy with the few that the land and the sea provided them. The leading role in the gastronomy of Paros, have the products that come from the sea.

Paros gouna is a traditional recipe, coming from fishermen's boats! It started with the fishermen in the boats, because of their long stay at sea without having any means of preserving the fresh fish. So they learned to maintain them with the help of the sun!

Fur is a sun-dried or liokafto fish, which is dried and simmered for several hours under the hot summer sun.

Menoules, kolios and all the fishes that swim near the surface, become lyokafta and dry in the sun. Then they are grilled and become a unique meze for suma.

The fish is opened from the back, cleaned, salted and sunbathed in the hot sun for a few hours.

The thicker the fish, the tastier the grilled Parian fur. You will enjoy it in all the ouzo bars of the island. In the same way they make the sun-dried octopus even today.