The Mansion of the Cyclades

Syros is one of the most impressive islands of the Cyclades and their capital. It has a rich history and unique sights. It has a lot of life outside the tourist season and is ideal to visit, for holidays all year round. It stands out for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, stunning architecture and beautiful beaches. Ermoupolis and Ano Syros: two hills, one Orthodox and one Catholic community. The medieval settlement of Ano Syros, built on the hill, above the port, is untouched by the passage of time. The whole city is an attraction for its Aegean architecture, with its narrow streets, low-ceilinged houses and countless stairs.

The southern part of Syros, which is flat, is home to most of the settlements, villages and beaches while the northern part of the island is called "Apano Meria" and is mountainous. Two different scenes set on a single island. Apano Meria, picturesque and quiet, is ideal for exploring the amazing landscape, with rocks, caves, bridges on the pristine beaches of the island. On the other hand, the southern part of Syros is the most cosmopolitan part of the island, as there are most settlements that are developed for tourism, with modern hotel facilities and organized beaches.

Ermoupolis is a city where one is not satisfied to walk. Marble streets, high-ceilinged neoclassical buildings: the City Hall of the 19th century in the main square, a work by Ziller, the famous Apollo theater, the Hellas club, the Pallas cinema, the building of the Labor and Employment Center. In Vaporia, one can see the majestic urban mansions proudly facing the Aegean. One must visit Ano Syros, the protected historical settlement, with its Cycladic alleys, the catholic San Georges and the square with the bust of the great Greek composer rebetiko and folk song, Markos Vamvakaris.

For cool dives on Syrian beaches, the visitor has to choose from many! Galissas, Delfini, Kini, Finikas, Delagratsia etc. For the more adventurous, on foot or by sea, the bay of letters is something unique. Wishes, prayers and names carved on the rocks, by sailors who found shelter from the bad weather. Finally, no one should leave the island unless they try the traditional handmade delight (Loukoumi) of Syros which is said to give the island its water its special taste.

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Syros is one of the most impressive islands of the Cyclades, with a glorious history and unique sights. It stands out for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, stunning architecture, beautiful beaches and…


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