The island of the Sun.

Schinoussa is one of the smallest in the Small Cyclades, south of Naxos and northeast of Heraklion. Lilliputia and atmospheric, it is ideal for simple holidays, with almost no movement since no point of the island is more than 3 km from Chora. It has many easy hiking trails, which lead to wonderful, more remote beaches and places with amazing view of the Aegean. There are of course many easily accessible, enchanting beaches, with impressive waters that attract boats and sailboats. About twenty blue-green, sandy or pebble beaches have this tiny island.

There is also a climbing field, the gorge of Harakas, in which climbing excursions are organized. Of great interest are both impressive pirate - as it is called - caves near the port: the Cave of Maniatis and the Cave of the Fishermen. The capital of the island is Panagia (Schinoussa). A walk in the tiny alleys of Chora, will bring the visitor in front of tasteful shops, very beautiful shops for food and drink, in courtyards, terraces and balconies. 

The port of the island is Mersini, which is considered one of the best shelters for small boats in the Cyclades, while on the way from Mersini to Chora it is worth seeing the cave of Maniatis. The other settlement of the island is Messaria (2 km from Panagia), in the north. The locals are very hospitable and some taverns operate all winter with homemade food.

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