The affordable island of simplicity and hospitality

Kythnos, the closest island to the Attica of the Western Cyclades, is evolving, keeping steadily low tones in its tourist profile. Unadulterated, going against the requirements of the tourist tourism, it captivates the visitor with its virgin charm!

Despite its austere landscape and the simplicity that characterizes it, Kythnos hides many different images in every corner, which tell its story in their own way. Exploring it you will discover scattered chapels, two central settlements (Chora or Messaria and Dryopida), a cave, ruins of ancient temples and medieval castles, the hydrotherapy center of 1840, iron bridges from the old mines and small oasis near the shores ravines, as in Mathia with the old laundries.

Kythnos, which is also known as Thermia because of its well-known hot springs, is ideal for (long) weekends but also for last minutes holidays, as it is a breath away from Athens.

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In recent times, Kythnos got its second name, "Thermia", from the hot springs, which are located in the picturesque bay of Loutra, on the northeastern side of the island. In Loutra are…

Our country is full of churches and monasteries, both in mainland Greece and on the islands. However, there are some islands that, wherever you turn your eye, you see…


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