Two islands like a dream

In the heart of the Cyclades these two small islands embody the summer carefree. This is Pano Koufonisi or simply Koufonisi, which is the smallest island in the Cyclades, and is separated by a strait 200m wide. with Kato Koufonisi or Glaronisi. For the last 20 years they have become the favorite "alternative" destination of the Aegean. 

Koufonisi (in Pano Koufonisi) is a simple fishing village, without unnecessary luxuries but with all the amenities for the visitors. A Cycladic microcosm that invites you to wander its alleys. Pots with geraniums, whitewashed walls, hospitable locals and a night life as it should be. People, voices, fun, warm looks, low-pitched conversations and smiles perfectly harmonized with the island. An island that you can walk from end to end, so the car is unnecessary. Phoenix, Fanos, Italy, Pori, Swimming Pool. They are some of the many beaches of the island. Windless and sandy beaches with turquoise waters that embrace the visitor with warmth.

On the north side of the Upper Island are the sea caves that were once said to have been hidden by pirates. It is worth exploring both the islands by boat. Within walking distance is the Keros of Arpisti and Avlitis, with the protected archeological site. In Koufonisia, against the backdrop of the endless blue of the Aegean, the holidays seem eternal. Alternative holidays, calm, relaxation and rest. Exotic beaches and golden sand, crystal clear waters, enchanting caves that will trap in their magic even the most difficult visitor.

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