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Kimolos has been a "monopoly" since ancient times. So even today it has only one village and not Chora like most Cycladic islands. The residential core of the village is the Medieval castle of the 14th-15th century. It consists of two groups of houses, the Mesa Kastro which is now in ruins and the Exo Kastro, whose houses had a fortified structure to protect the inhabitants from pirate raids and would-be conquerors. 

Other smaller settlements that have few inhabitants in winter but are full in summer, are: Psathi (port), Goupa, Kara, Prasa, Aliki, Bonatsa and Dekas. Kimolos is a volcanic island, with extremely rich flora and fauna. In Kimolos lives the Mediterranean seal, the unique species of viper "lebetina", the blue lizard, the sea crow, the golden owl etc.

In Kimolos the nature and the form of the earth are raging. Colorful, shiny pebbles, transparent waters, gray-white rocks with intricate shapes, hot springs gushing on its sandy shores. Its trademark is "the stone mushroom" Skiadi, which was created by the strong winds and the difference between the rocks that make it up. Kimolos also has dozens of rural paths where the eye is satisfied with images of incredible beauty from the special Cycladic landscape.

But even from beaches, Kimolos has to offer visitors unique unique emotions. Colors in the water in all lengths of blue, white sand, sunken ancient cities for exploration and dreamy sunsets. At a distance of one nautical mile from Kimolos, is Polyaigos where its beautiful coasts, such as Mersini and Blue Waters, attract boat owners from all over the world.

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A breath away from Milos, Kimolos stands calm and hospitable. A small volcanic island that conquers every visitor and makes him a loyal follower. If you are in ....

Next to the cosmopolitan Milos, Kimolos differs from the other tourist islands of the Cyclades. Travelers come in the mood to tour, relax, but also to discover it.


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