The sanctuary of the Cyclades

For those who are fascinated by the tranquility and simplicity of island life, Heraklion is the right destination in the Small Cyclades. If one wants to describe Heraklion in a few words, one would say that it is a pure island, forgotten among the giants of the Cyclades, which strongly inspires the visitor the feeling of freedom and carefreeness. The two settlements that share the 150 inhabitants of the island and are 4.5 km apart, are Panagia or Chora and Agios Georgios where the port is located.

One of the most important sights on the island is the cave of Agios Ioannis - the largest in the Cyclades, with its impressive decoration of stalactites and stalagmites. In the western part of Heraklion is Agios Athanasios is an old abandoned settlement that takes the visitor back in time. The top of Papa hill, which is the highest point of the island, offers wonderful views of all the neighboring islands, as well as the lacy beaches of Heraklion.

Another unique spectacle is the German plane that is sunk in the bay of Alimia, at a depth of about 7 meters. The only thing is that the crystal clear waters make it visible from the sea surface. While those who do diving can dive and photograph it up close. It is located near the beach of Alimia. The other beaches of the island can satisfy every taste. Impressive cliffs that hide sandy beaches at their roots and crystal clear waters. In Livadi, the largest beach of the island, where one can take a dip with the castle rising behind him and in front, view to Schinoussa. Heraklion, as it is included in the entire Natura 2000 network, is also ideal for hiking enthusiasts. What is certain is that it is an ideal solution to escape from the fast rhythms, the regularity, the pressure and the stress, and an ideal destination to recharge your batteries.

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