The little enchantress

The northernmost of the Small Eastern Cyclades, between Naxos and Amorgos. Donoussa with its stony ground, many bays with small sandy beaches, few hospitable inhabitants and pure beauty. Donoussa got its name because it vibrates from the wild waves or otherwise Denoussa, because the passing ships were moored in bad weather. Foreign sailors called her Stenoza or Spinoza.

The largest settlement of the island is Stavros or Kampos. It is the largest village and port of the island. Picturesque settlement with authentic Cycladic identity. The other settlements, Mersini, Haravgi and Kalotaritissa, are offered for walks and stand out for their picturesqueness. No one needs a car in Donoussa. During the tourist season, the local minibus comes and goes all day on the only paved road on the island. While for those who love hiking there are many paths that connect the settlements.

As for the beaches, the relief is offered decorated by sandy beaches with white sand, crystal clear blue waters. Small, large, easily accessible or not all small diamonds. Something that is really worth seeing is Fokospilia with its turquoise waters and the enchanting seabed. A sea cave under the steep cliffs of the cape of Moschonas. Old base and pirate shelter, named after the seals that once lived there.

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δονούσα καλύτερες παραλίες

1. Kedros Beach Kedros is one of the most beautiful beaches of Donoussa, protected in a small bay in the south of the island. There is a café-bar on the beach. Access Walking / Hiking…

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