The most relaxed Cycladic island

Antiparos is a breath away from the cosmopolitan and bustling Paros. A stalia island, it knows how to stand out with its bohemian character, its elitist aura and of course its genuine Cycladic beauty.

Once it was the necessary one-day trip from Paros, but over the years it acquired its own status and now it is an autonomous lady, who has fanatical fans who visit her every year. Beauty, light, history, nightlife but also moments of relaxation are what each visitor sucks.

Despite its small size, Antiparos has many beaches with golden sands and crystal clear waters. In addition, on the island one has the opportunity to swim in enchanting caves of rare natural beauty, to go around the island and to do nudism!

An excursion to the uninhabited island of Despotiko is a must but also a visit to the Venetian Castle and the breathtaking cave of Antiparos. Unique and authentic options for evening entertainment, with all the latest trends.


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What not to miss

The Parians with the Antipariotes in the old days, had a secret code of communication. If someone from Paros wanted to cross to Antiparos, he would open the blue door wide…

Apart from the Municipality of Sifnos, the Municipality of Antiparos also participates in the pioneering and innovative cigarette recycling program implemented by AMKE Cigaret Cycle throughout the country. The #gopafree program includes…


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