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Higher than the port, and at a distance of 2 km. is the country of Ios. Picturesque and off-white, it is built amphitheatrically on the hill, at the top of which the beautiful lady of the island is imagined! Panagia Gremniotissa. The view from there is panoramic. The whole village poured on its feet in front. The port on the right, the windmills on the left, and opposite the neighboring islands of Sikinos and Santorini. In fact, when the weather allows, Crete stands out in the background. The church of Gremniotissa is of Byzantine architecture and is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Tradition explains why the people of Niot built the church on the steep cliffs at the top of the hill.

Arriving in the village the visitor meets the remains of the ancient wall that protected the main settlement of the island in earlier years, and then the church of the Annunciation (Cathedral) and the entrance of Chora, one of the most beautiful and characteristic Cycladic. The classic Cycladic architecture dominates in all the buildings of the village. Thick walls, made of stone in order to protect from heat and cold. The whitewash of the houses reflects the sun, offering island coolness. Among the older houses there are many small churches and of course in Chora there are many restaurants, hotels, rooms to let, shops, cafes, bars and everything else for relaxation. comfortable and fun stay.

Modern technology once again deprives us of contact with nature. The opening of roads and the convenience of the car devalued the network of trails, which continue to be used even today for agricultural activities. It is worthwhile to turn back the clock of time and discover the traces of the cultural elements of Ios, to discover monuments of culture and wonders of nature. We suggest different hiking trails, you are now decided to best suit your concerns and needs. Before choosing one, consult the map with the trails. The routes can be done in the opposite direction

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Ios (or Nios) is a small but beautiful and very special island in the Cyclades. Although it used to be a well-known destination for young people and an island of fun, now things τα

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A contract for the supply and installation of three new desalination plants in Ios was signed by the Mayor of Ieton and the President of Watera Hellas SA. According to a relevant announcement, the three units…

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The impressive Giavorsekova, cyclist and model from Slovakia, after Crete and Zakynthos, visited the Cyclades and specifically Naxos, Mykonos and Ios. There, he did not stop…


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